Payment and Business Consultant

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Pat O'Brien

I am a professionally trained executive who has worked for 22 years in the Australian technology and payments arena. 
Australia is one of the most exciting and innovative payments markets in the world. Having pioneered the establishment of PIN based encrypted payments, electronic purse, contactless payments and now mobility and wallet payments, it offers an exciting but challenging environment for retailers and payments providers alike.

I have worked with many of the Australian banks on payment projects as well as go to market sales and technology strategies to meet the needs of corporate, large and small retailers. Working with Keycorp, Cadmus, Smartpay, Commcorp and Cash Back in senior executive roles, I have gained both an in depth knowledge of the technical aspects of the payments technologies but also the sales, marketing and strategies around creating and launching payments products in the Australian market.

I have assisted many companies over the years in establishing payment solutions and have enjoyed a great relationship with many of the banks and payment solutions providers in the market. 

I enjoy what I do and am more than happy to look at your challenge and matching it with a solution to meet your needs.